Brazilians lynch their national team and coach for their quarterfinal exit


The Brazilian national team, considered by many to be the main favourite for the 2022 World Cup, has dropped out of the tournament. The Pentacampeons lost to the Croats in a penalty shootout, while holding a large game advantage throughout the match.

The defeat received a lot of coverage in the Brazilian media. “The SE has studied what they say about the departure of Tite’s team in their homeland.

The publication O Globo made an analysis of Tite’s decisions during the match. According to journalist Bruno Marinho, Brazil’s head coach made several mistakes that ultimately affected the outcome of the game. This applies, in particular, to substitutions in the course of the game and the performers of the penalty shootout. “Professor Tite was taught a lesson,” believes the author.

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Of course, the biggest dissatisfaction was the fact that Neymar didn’t take the penalty kick. Most likely, he should have taken the fifth shot, but it didn’t come to that. “Should Neymar have been put on the last penalty kick? Why didn’t he open the series?” – wondered Marcello Neves.

Also, O Globo noted the fact that the Argentine fans were celebrating the defeat of the Brazilians. “The celebration for them began even before the game against the Netherlands,” is how the publication describes the mood of the Argentine fans.

ESPN Brazil also criticized Tite. Journalist Paulo Cobos said, “Brazil urgently needs a foreign coach! That’s the only way we can stop suffering these World Cup failures time and time again. We weren’t sent home by a powerful France like we were in 1998 and 2006, or the Netherlands in 2010 or Germany in 2014, or even a fancy Belgium like we were at the 2018 World Cup. We lost to Croatia, a team far from its prime, whose population barely exceeds 4 million. The Brazilian Football Federation should not hesitate for a second to choose a foreign specialist as the next coach.

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“Contrary to all predictions, Brazil left the World Cup too early. The result could be called surprising, given the squad Tite had at his disposal. And Croatia was probably the toughest opponent for Brazil in this World Cup. This match is a real nightmare,” wrote

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